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Gearbox woesGearbox woes
This week I have mostly been blowing my gearbox up in my 90 and changing it. It went *bang* (very technical) on Wednesday afternoon.

In fact it went *bang* pootling about in 5th and lost 5th gear, but it would randomly lock all the wheels up when I pushed the clutch down... So I abandoned it at a friends' house and I had to be towed back home by my Dad in his Series I :o)

Which would have been ok had I not taken the roof off as the weather was so nice, and so I froze on the way home (no coat...). And I had to keep the clutch disengaged for the whole journey (25ish miles) so I killed my left leg :o)

Anyway.. luckily when the box was changed during the restoration I kept the original box, which has been left outside for the past two years. Thankfully it wasn't seized or anything and so I've spent every day since Thursday taking the interior out of the car, borrowing an engine crane etc and then changing the gearbox by myself.

So I now have a nice new (old..) gearbox.. with a lovely wooly change, but at least it works! And it doesn't have the clunk that the old (newer) box made on taking up drive.. hmmmm :o\
Link LinkSunday 31st March 2002
Td5Sunday 31st March 2002
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3 millionth Land Rover leaves SolihullWednesday 10th October 2001
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Site UpdateSaturday 9th June 2001
Lara Croft DefenderSaturday 2nd June 2001
All New Web RoverWednesday 30th May 2001
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