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Trade ECU Info

A big thanks to Roy Bickley for supplying this information.

We have replaced a Td5 engine ECU in a Discovery of the new born type because the original unit has been damaged.

We have tried to fit a factory pre-programmed unit without success because there are at least two types of unit specification and supplying dealers seem to have little knowledge which they are willing to share.

The point of supplying the new type ECUs is to programme them specifically, is to avoid the lengthy delays we have experienced.

If you find a good independent specialist with an Autologic system who is competent in its use, the programming cost should not be too high.

Once the ECU is set it is then secured to prevent further reprogramming and this means (like second generation Range Rover) the ECU is then specific for the vehicle. This also means that anyone with another ECU from another Td5 vehicle cannot come along, remove your ECU, fit another with their security codes, and drive off in your pride and joy.

I know that many people will not be happy with this method of security, and it does mean that you will not be able to interchange these electronic units, but it does mean that we shall not see our vehicles being stolen from under our noses.

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