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Series II/IIA

Series II 88" Truck Cab
A typical Series IIA 'truck cab'

The Series II was basically a redesign of the Series I, with modesty skirts to hide the chassis and exhaust system, and rounded shoulders to allow a wider track, and subsequently, a better turning circle. The minimal changes created a classic design, one that still lives on in the 90‘s and 110‘s of today without looking outdated.

However, the original SII was short-lived. In 1961, a number of improvements were made, and the Series II was redesignated the Series IIA. With the IIA came a more powerful diesel engine, with identical specifications to it‘s petrol sibling. In 1967, Land Rover launched an optional 6-cylinder 2.6 litre engine, based on the Rover car engine, for the 109" chassis. In 1969, to comply with American safety regulations, the headlamps were moved to the front wings and a cross-shaped grille replaced the classic T shaped grille.

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