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F913 PUY - 1988 Defender 90 Td5 NAS Replica CX64 YDS - 2014 Defender 90 XS CSW PJ56 XVL - 2006 Defender 110 CSW
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F913 PUY's Specification

This is basically just a list of the full specification of my Land Rover. Eventually I will take photos of each item (if I can) and link them from here. For now though, amuse yourself with this nice long list:

Base Vehicle
1988 Land Rover 90 Turbo Diesel Hardtop

1999 Land Rover Td5 2.5 litre 5-cylinder direct injection turbo diesel intercooled

1999 Land Rover R380/LT230Q transfer box - Discovery 2 1.222:1 ratio

Exterior Colour
BMW Invidual Aegean Blue metallic

Roll Cage
Frogs Island 4x4 NAS Soft Top Replica Cage

Soft Top
All Wheel Trim fitted NAS Hood

Sidelights (Front)
NAS White Reversing lights

NAS Orange Indicators

Side Repeaters
Land Rover Defender Td5/Puma orange

Brake Lights
21W element in upper red NAS tail lights

Rear Fog Lights
21W element in lower red NAS tail lights

Sidelights (Rear)
5W element in both red NAS tail lights

Reversing lights
NAS Clear Reversing lights with 21W bulbs

Cibie H4 halogen

Land Rover Discovery 3 accessory halogen mounted to bumper

Rear Step
Land Rover Genuine Parts NAS 90 rear step

Rear door
Cut-down and strengthened half safari door with custom capping

Spare wheel cover
Land Rover Genuine Parts semi-rigid wheel cover

Wing Mirrors
Body-coloured smooth shelled mirror bodies

Front Bumper
Land Rover Defender Td5 specification with rubber end caps

Interior Carpet
Grey Volvo carpet on intermediate bulkhead, seatbox and footwell sides

Interior Instruments
Defender Td5 instrument pack with Td5 speedometer

Steering Wheel
Defender Td5 CSW XS leather steering wheel on original column

Front Seats
Defender Puma XS half-leather heated seats with genuine Puma switches in centre dash panel

Cubby Box
Mantec Security box with Land Rover logo trimmed top

Front mats
Land Rover Genuine Parts Defender Td5 specification

Rear Seats
4x Trakkers side-facing fold-up seats in Land Rover logo trim

Rear mat
Land Rover Genuine Parts NAS loadspace mat with Land Rover logo

16" Land Rover Freestyle "Tornado" Dark Grey alloys

BF Goodrich 265/75R16 All Terrain

Monroe Gas dampers

Fuel tanks
Td5 rear tank, Turbo Diesel front tank with transfer pump to rear. Td5 pump in rear tank. Dash switch to allow fuel gauge to read both tanks.

Front Badging
'LAND ROVER' dark grey Land Rover Defender NAS badge and black Land Rover logo grille badge

Rear Badging
Puma type 'Defender' decal and Land Rover oval

Other Fittings
Anderson jump-lead plug
Alpine CDE-173BT CD/USB/BT Tuner
Front speakers fitted to lower dash with genuine spacers
Cut-down intermediate bulkhead
Soundproofing kit with additional soundproofing to seatbox
Underbody wax injected and black wax sprayed
Late Td5/Puma rear reflectors
Genuine Pilkington heated front screen and genuine switch in centre dash panel, using genuine timer system
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