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F913 PUY Gallery

All pictures on this page are Copyright © 2001-2004 Martin Lewis, unless otherwise stated.

If you would like to use these photos, please contact me first, I reserve the copyright on all my photographs.

You may include these photographs on a post on a Land Rover or 4x4 forum if you specify where they came from (i.e. Web Rover) and provide a link to this site. The use of my photos on other sites isn't allowed without my explicit permission.

Rear, roof off in the sun Front, roof off in the sun Hiding with the 50ths Spot the odd one out At Peterborough 2002 On Site, February 2004 
Heritage Run 2004 - Front Right Heritage Run 2004 - Front Left Heritage Run 2004 - Rear Right Heritage Run 2004 - Rear Left Heritage Run 2004 - Front Detail Heritage Run 2004 - Rear Detail 
Heritage Run 2004 - Mirror Detail With Dad's 110 Front end photo Rear Left Corner Rear Right Corner Straight on front end 
Left side in the sun Overall rear photo Rear End Detail My 90 in Cambridge My 90 in Cambridge, again My 90 in Cambridge, yet again 
 Post-conversion Upgrades
Td5 steering wheel and dashboard fitted Upgraded dashboard with Td5 speedometer and tachometer iPod and Ice>Link installation Td5 Instrument Panel iPaq cradle bracket iPaq installation 
iPod and iPaq Install iPod and iPaq bracket 
 The Rollcage and Hood
No photos in 'The Rollcage and Hood'
 Td5 Engine
Td5, Front View Td5 Engine, Nearside Td5 Engine, Offside R380 'box Td5 Engine, Overall Td5 failure - Big End Scoring 
Big End Scoring Detail Conrod big end scoring Failed Td5 big end bearing shells Cylinder head - failed Td5 engine Piston head in failed Td5 engine New Td5 engine 
Engine replacement underway 
 Off Roading
NS Corner Damage NS Corner Damage Wading Great Walsingham Ford Helen in Glandford Ford Martin in Glandford Ford 
 With the Series 1
TWE 222 and F913 PUY TWE 222 and F913 PUY 
 Arty Shots
'Arty' Front 'Arty' Rear Arch 'Arty' Offside 'Arty' Rear NPlate Corner 
 Rebuild Finished
A Bar and Lights Front three quarter close-up Whole car December 2001 High three quarter Whole car, low three quarter Front A Bar and Lights 
Front view March 2002 Hiding in the garage like a wimp Out in the snow Interior, March 2002 Nearside, March 2002 Whole car rear, March 2002 
Whole car rear, March 2002 Playing in the snow Rear lights Rear lights Rear, March 2002 Stoneleigh September 2001 
Wheely great 
 The Rebuild
Back, February 2000 Front corner during rebuild Interior, July 2000 Fresh paint Getting there Err.... 
No seatbox Off to painting, July 2000 Rear, before painting Rear door strengthening Shiny rollcage, dull car Overall view, May 2000 
Rear view, stripped down 
 The Beginning
Rear, August 1999 Dash, August 1999 Front, August 1999 Interior August 1999 Nearside, August 1999 Offside, August 1999 
Overall view, August 1999 
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