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Steering Wheel Fitments

Last updated: 17th January 2017

Note 1: Since the introduction of the 'Puma' engined Defender (2007) there is additional wheel variant used by Land Rover. This is a wheel which looks like 'Type C' but which fits the large diameter (48 spline) column. Fitment of this "Type D" wheel started part way through the 2008 model year as below. So this "Type D" Station Wagon-type wheel will fit Tdi Defenders and Td5/Puma hard tops, pick ups and soft tops with the 48 spline column. But if you are looking to buy a wheel please make sure you confirm which type of column it is for.
Note 2: The 2015 and 2016 model year Defenders (fitted with Dynamic Stability Control [DSC] use a different indicator cancelling arrangement using sockets in the wheel rather than prongs. This is for compatibility with the steering angle sensor fitted to these Defenders. These wheels are 48 spline fitment and visually the same as the type B and type D wheels. I have called these B+DSC and D+DSC in the table below. It may be possible to fabricate an indicator cancelling part to fit older vehicles, but this is NOT confirmed. As above, make sure you know what you are buying.

The following table gives a list of steering column types fitted to Land Rover 90/110/127/Defender vehicles since introduction.

Model Land Rover 90/110/127
before Tdi
Defender 90/110/130
up to 1997MY
Defender 90/110/130
1998MY to 2008MY
Defender 90/110/130
2008.5MY to 2014MY
Defender 90/110/130
2015MY and 2016MY
Derivative All All Non Station Wagon Station Wagon† Non Station Wagon Station Wagon† Non Station Wagon Station Wagon†
Chassis Numbers‡ to HA906579 JA906580 to WA138479 WA138480 to 8A760056 WA138480 to 8A760056 8A760057 to EA999999 FA000001 to GA999999
Small Diameter Column Tick     Tick        
Large Diameter Column   Tick Tick   Tick Tick Tick Tick
Wheel Type A B B C B D B+DSC D+DSC
Splines 36 48 48 36 48 48 48 48

† - Station Wagons identified by B or M in the 7th character of the VIN number
‡ - last 8 characters of full VIN number

The type of column ("large" or "small" diameter, 36 or 48 splines) indicates the diameter of/number of splines on the section the steering wheel fits to, and determines which wheels can be fitted to which vehicles without changing the column. Other wheel types can be fitted by changing the column to the required type.

Small diameter (36 spline) column type wheels (types A and C) are interchangeable, similar large diameter (48 spline) column type wheels (types B and D) are interchangeable.

Please note that type C and type D wheels are visually identical, you need to count the splines or know exactly what vehicle it was removed from to tell them apart.

Type B+DSC and D+DSC were fitted to 2015/2016 model year Defenders when the DSC traction control system was fitted. These wheels have a different indicator cancelling arrangement and drive system for the steering angle sensor.

36 spline column wheels

Any small diameter column wheel can be changed for any other small diameter column wheel.

Pre-Tdi Wheel Tdi/Td5/Puma Station Wagon Wheel
Type A Type C

Wheel types A and C are also available in leather covered versions, and have the same fitment as the standard plastic wheel.

48 spline column wheels

Any large diameter column wheel can be changed for any other large diameter column wheel.

Tdi/Td5 Non-Station Wagon Wheel Puma Station Wagon Wheel
Type B / B+DSC Type D / D+DSC
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