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Fuel System Purge

If you have run your Td5 dry of fuel and find that you are having difficulty re-starting it, try one of the following purge procedures.

Land Rover official method

If the vehicle runs out of fuel, or the fuel level is so low that the fuel system draws air into the fuel rail, the fuel rail will need to be purged before the engine will start. This can be achieved by following a set procedure. The process does not require the use of any specialist equipment and can be performed by the driver of the vehicle.

The process is as follows:

  1. Switch off ignition and wait 15 seconds.
  2. Turn ignition key to position 2 and wait 3 minutes, (this ensures that the fuel system purges all the air from the fuel rail within the cylinder head).
  3. Depress the throttle pedal to more than 90% of its total travel, (to the throttle stop).
  4. Crank the engine keeping the throttle pedal depressed.

NOTE: This operation is controlled by the ECM and it is important that the purging operation is not carried out on a vehicle that has not run out of fuel. If it is carried out unnecessarily it can lead to the engine flooding and failing to start.

This operation will be cancelled:

  1. As soon as engine speed exceeds 600 rev/min.
  2. The driver allows the throttle pedal to close to a position less than 90% of its travel.
  3. The ignition key is released from the start position.

NOTE: The engine must not be cranked for more than 30 seconds in any one period.

Repeat the above procedure if the engine fails to start.

Undocumented & unofficial method

This method is totally unofficial, and I am not to blame for any damage that may occur, not that it should.

  1. Switch off ignition and wait 15 seconds.
  2. Turn ignition key to position 2.
  3. Wait 15 seconds, then repeatedly press and release the throttle pedal until the engine managment warning light starts flashing.
  4. You will then hear the fuel pump running continuously, this lasts about 3 or 4 minutes.
  5. After the purge is complete, switch off the ignition for 15 seconds, and then attempt to start the vehicle.

The purge can be cancelled by switching off the ignition.

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